Our Full Range of Bucking Products

As well as the Bucking Bronco we also have lots of other Bucking products for hire.

Bucking Sheep
Bucking Camel
Bucking Bottle
Bucking Can
Bucking Rugby Ball
Bucking Crocodile
Bucking Reindeer
Bucking Horse
Bucking Broomstick
Bucking Pig

Safety is Paramount

To make doubly sure of complete safety when hiring a bucking rodeo bull, there will be an inflatable landing platform surrounding the bucking beast, so when it has thrown you off, you can safely land on a soft surround.

If you wish to know whether it is safe for you to actually mount the bucking rodeo bull, then if you can mount the beast itself without aid, you will safe to participate. Any one requiring aid or a helping hand up should probably not mount the bucking bull. How about throwing that Wild West party or summer barbeque and hiring a bucking bronco for your back yard? You will need some clear area if you wish to hire out the bucking bull; we suggest at least 16 ft. x 16 ft. should easily cover it.

You will also need a height clearance of at least nine feet, so do not position under a porch or in the garage. So why not consider a booking for that special event and getting a bucking bull hire for your party, barbecue or team building event. A bucking bull hire requires at least a 13 amp socket but generators are usually available.